Woody Fragrance Suggestions For Men

Fragrances are of many accords but one of the most favored accords is woody. Men who are fragrance enthusiast will tell you that they like sampling various woody scents depending on the season, occasion or choice. The accord appeals more to men but can also be indulged by the fairer sex. In this article we will suggest some of the men’s woody fragrances that you can try out.

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The choice of these fragrances will make you identify with the country side feeling while also resonating with the modern man.  Many noses are often done as much as possible to bring out this woody accord; to achieve this kind of accord often time a lot of notes are mixed together to produce a distinctive woody accord. The accord also comes in different groups of woody aquatic, woody aromatic, woody spicy, woody floral musk and woody Chypre.

Polo Ralph Lauren

From the famous maker of Iconic Polo Shirts and clothing line one will always expect the best from them. For sure this men’s fragrance does not disappoint, it was introduced to the fragrance market by Ralph Lauren in 1978 it has stood the test of time and is still considered among the favorites of men’s fragrances. Polo depicts beauty and eternity in its design and ingredients of the fragrance itself. This men’s fragrance doesn’t have a floral feel but is enriched with a masculine feel with the inclusion conifer woods as one of the major notes with the addition of others such as thyme and tobacco it creates an intense trail that will entice your senses.  The fragrance comes in a favorable price range of $40 dollars to $60 depending on where you buy.

Bottled Hugo Boss for Men

This is another magnificent men’s fragrance from the Hugo boss family. A creation of Annick Menardo it was launched into the fragrance market in 1998 during the 10th birthday of the Hugo Boss family along with Boss No 6 with was released in limited number. Some would consider this the best cologne that Hugo Boss has ever released. The fragrance has a good sweet scent that is appealing and long lasting it has a floral feel dominated by the notes of pelargonium, cloves and warm cinnamon. These notes mixed with base notes of sandalwood and precious cedar to produce a masculine feel. The fragrance has a unique aroma that allows you to enjoy the aroma either day or night. This elegant men’s fragrance is available in 50 and 100ml at a reasonable cost of $40 to $60.

Vintage John Varvatos

Just as the name goes vintage means something worthwhile. From the making modern men’s clothing and other accessories perfumes just had to be among the other things that John Varvatos has to delve in to. The vintage was launched in 2006 and is one of the few that has been a revelation in the fragrance market. With the renowned Rodrigo Flores behind it the men’s fragrance just had to be a landmark one; it has an old and delicious feel to a man from the 70s and is a bold scent for a man who wants to assert himself while in the company of a large crowd. This perfume combines notes such as warm wood, jasmine, orris root and lavender with base notes of tobacco, suede patchouli other woody notes.

Adidas Pure Game

Launched by Adidas fashion house in 2010 it was one of the landmark men fragrance launches for 2010 as it was as a tribute to the fans and the participants of the 2010 World Cup. It is an assertive and bold men’s fragrance designed to give confidence to the wearer and as such portraying the modern, sporty and outgoing man. It is a must have for the ideal evening out with friends or in a date. This men’s fragrance has top notes of Grapefruit and Mandarin which leaves more or less a citrus scent when applied. The base notes of sandalwood, patchouli incense and Tonka bean produce the woody feel that comes out in a distinctive way after the perfume stays on you for a while. The fragrance is one of a set that also contains aftershaves. With a modest price of $15 to $25 it is something that every man must have especially the modern man with the sporty personality.

Calvin Klein Encounter

With the face of this fragrance being Alexander Skarsgard the men’s fragrance really had to be worth his endorsement and truly it does not disappoint. Launched in September with the expectation of perfume enthusiasts the men’s fragrance was once described as mysterious and seductive in a unique way. The fragrance has a unique masculine feel reminiscent of Calvin Klein.  With a top note of mandarin it gives a nice citrus feel to it that is original; the encounter of the fragrances dies down to a more subtle cedar smell. The fragrance is available in 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette with an accompanying of face and body care and ranges at a price of $10 to $65 depending on the quantity. It is certainly a good choice for the modern but old school man of the 21st Century.

With the above few examples of classy woody men’s scents you now have an idea of what you can choose for whichever feel that is desired. The only challenge here would be where to get them, even so nowadays there are easier ways to get these men’s cologne at a reasonable cost; there are some few online stores that you can be able get these fragrances. Findyourscent.com, confirmedbest.com, cologneformen.us, and myshopping.com are just but a few online stores that you can be able to get these men fragrances. Keep in mind though that before you go out to get a man’s fragrance you have to consider your personality, likes and as a guide to the kind of fragrance that you will choose.

Michael Screws is an associate fashion editor with years of experience writing for various fashion magazines. He is also a cologne enthusiast and has been following keenly the growth of the industry for close to two decades.

Woody Fragrance Suggestions For Men

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