Why Lightweight Luggage Is Your Summer Must Have….

If you’re jetting off to sunnier climates this summer, have booked a walking holiday or have purchased tickets for one of the many festivals then you will be digging out your rucksacks, weekend bags and holdalls. For many the thought of carrying these around when they are bursting with all your much needed belongings is the thing we dread the most.

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Family Days

Simple picnics or family days out can also become extra hard work if you are weighted down with rucksacks and cool bags. Even when empty these bags are often bulky and difficult  to carry around, especially true if you are the one left holding them all at the theme park, whilst everyone else queues for rides.

Weight Limitation

Weight limitations now imposed on airlines baggage will also see many of us glad to be rid of the old fashioned, heavy cumbersome luggage that was once the norm. Now it is imperative that we are able to maximise our luggage allowance without half of this being lost to the weight of the suitcase. So ditching the leather holdalls and your Mary Poppins carpet bag is a must as you should opt for some of the lightweight cotton based bags on offer this summer.

So whatever kind of holiday you are taking, take stock of your luggage before you go. There are fabulous pieces of luggage available which are lightweight, practical and stylish in design.


With some large suitcases now weighing less than 3kg you really can’t afford to be without these for your holidays. The majority of suitcases now also come equipped with handles and wheels as standard for easy transportation and with matching hand luggage your whole collection will allow you to be both practical and stylish.


Light and flexible rucksacks for summer 2013 are available in some fun and funky colours and come in all sizes for many activities. If it’s a professional hiking rucksack or just something for your festival gear you can be sure to find a waterproof practical rucksack for every summer activity.

Cool bags

Large sturdy plastic cool boxes are now a thing of the past as cool bags are now manufactured from lightweight robust and quality fabrics. These still have excellent insulating properties, allowing your food to remain chilled and your arms relaxed. Once empty many cool bags can now also be folded down flat for easy carriage.

Kiddie bags

No more carrying tired toddlers around and begging young children to pick up their bag and carry it. With the animal styled luggage available little people are going to be asking to carry their own bag around and when their legs get tired the ride on kiddie trunks will have been a wise investment

Foldable totes

Don’t forget when you arrive at your destination you will need a beach bag or bag for your shopping trip so be sure to pack a lightweight foldable tote bag. Many of these are manufactured from recyclable materials leaving you with an Eco friendly conscience this summer.

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Why Lightweight Luggage Is Your Summer Must Have….

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