What Kind Of Wallet Should A Woman Choose?

That depends on what kind of a woman you are. Are you a woman who likes to pack everything in one place, or are you a minimalist who likes carrying just a few essentials? Do you like carrying things in your hands, strung over your shoulder, or in your pockets? There’s a huge variety of wallets to choose from to suit any woman’s needs or preferences, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Pocket Wallet

Advantages – Some wallets can fit easily in your pocket. That comes in handy if you like wearing jeans or other pants with back pockets. You can also choose to put a pocket wallet into a purse, or you can even alternate between pocket and purse depending on your needs each day. This type of wallet is also useful if you only have a few basic cards, like a driver’s license, a debit card, and a few others.

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Disadvantages – You can’t put much into a pocket sized wallet. It can easily get overstuffed with cash, receipts, credit cards, meal deal cards, and other cards. You also can’t hold very many coins with it, if you like carrying change with you. An overstuffed wallet is hard to sit on if you keep it in your back pocket. You also can’t hold a checkbook in this kind of wallet. This kind of wallet can also slip out of your pocket and get lost, unless you attach it to your belt loop with a lanyard. Not all small wallets have a place to attach a lanyard.

Checkbook Wallet

Advantages – As the name implies, you can fit a checkbook into this kind of wallet, if you still use a checkbook. You can also fit a lot more, like cash, receipts, and more cards. Many wallets of this type are neatly organized so you don’t have to thumb through a stack of stuff. If you always use bags or purses, or if you don’t mind always carrying your wallet in your hands, this may be the choice for you.

Disadvantages – A checkbook wallet isn’t for women who like carrying everything in their pockets—unless they wear cargo pants with big pockets a lot. You have no choice but to carry this kind of wallet in your hands or put it in a bag or purse. If you carry everything in your bag and the bag gets stolen, though, then everything is gone with the bag. Something you carry in your hands is also easier for someone to steal.

Wallet With Wrist Strap

Advantages – Like the checkbook wallet, a wallet or handbag with a wrist strap can hold more things and be well-organized. With the strap, you can find a way to hook it to your bag or keys. It may even come with a compartment for coins, if you like carrying change. You may even be able to fit some makeup, a small comb, and other hygiene and beauty supplies.

Disadvantages –The disadvantages for this wallet are pretty much the same as the disadvantages for a checkbook wallet.

Whatever wallet you choose, make sure you take the necessary precautions to prevent it from misplaced or picked up.

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What Kind Of Wallet Should A Woman Choose?

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