Using Human Hair Extensions And Its Benefits

Hair extensions have grown into a multibillion dollar business.  Women spend billions of dollars each year finding ways to enhance or completely change their look with purchased hair.  Whether synthetic or human hair extensions, this industry is showing no signs of slowing down.  These days there is something available for every type of hair extension preference.  If you have an idea in mind, there is a hairdresser or hair provider that will be able to make it happen.  With the wide range of extensions available on the market, it is easy for a first time user to become easily confused.  Let’s look at a few of the terms that are commonly used.

Synthetic or Human Hair? 

These are the two basic types of hair available in all extensions.  All hair products that can be purchased will be made from one of these two types of hair.   Synthetic hair extensions are made from synthesized products.  It is not real hair and is meant to be disposable.  Lower quality hair products are meant for temporary use and cannot be used with heated products.  They are meant to be worn as the hairstyle and color that they are purchased in.  Higher quality synthetic hair extensions can be used with low heat but still cannot be dyed another color.  The pricing on synthetic hair varies by style, type and quality.  Human hair extensions are meant for long term use but you will still need to have your hair redone often, as with synthetic hair, as your own hair is growing out. However, instead of having to purchase new hair, you can have your human hair extensions used over again.

Human hair extensions come from other people. The hair is washed and processed and then sold to retailers.  These hair extensions can be styled as you would style your own hair and you can cut it, dye it and style it with heated hair tools.  The quality of the hair will vary and the price will reflect this as well.  Human hair extensions will cost more than synthetic but this is due of the nature of how it was derived as well as the fact that it can be reused for years.


Yes, shedding is as it sounds.  As you wear your extensions, the bonding will begin to wear down.  Depending on the method and quality of hair, strands will work loose.  This is as common as the hair on your own head.  It is not unusual to get a hair brush full of hair if you spend a fair amount of time combing through it.  You extensions on your head will not look any thinner.  There are some human hair extension companies that will sell hair that does not shed.  If you are concerned about this, then these brands may be something you will want to look for.

Braiding Hair and Weaves

This is a broad term for two types of hair extensions.  Both are available as synthetic or human hair extensions. Braiding hair will come as loose hair in packages.  The hair is not permanently attached at the end.  It is designed to be used in loose sections.  The most common use is for braiding.  A section of hair is removed from the package and then braided into the hair of the wearer.  Weaving hair comes permanently attached at one end. The attached end is called a weft.   Again, as this is a general term, there are quite a few different ways that it can be attached and there are literally thousands of styles that it is available in. Weaving hair is designed to be bonded onto the original hair of the wearer.  The most common method is for the customer to have their own hair braided into rows or ‘tracks’ on their head and then the weave being sewn onto those tracks.

Hair extensions can be found on everybody from celebrities to the girl next door.  It is a fascinating world of decoration and transformation.  From temporary hair clips and pony tail pieces to weaving and micro braiding, this is a world that is all too common to most.  The choices are endless:  Synthetic hair extensions or human hair extensions? Curly or straight? Similar to yours or completely different?  In this day and age you can literally choose the look you want and it can happen. Hair extensions are not just for the rich and famous. It is one piece of luxury that is available for anybody who wants it.

This article was written bySpencer Urie, who has been wearing and working with human hair extensions for many years.

Using Human Hair Extensions And Its Benefits

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