Turning To Butterflies

As spring turns to summer I always look forward to wearing pretty summer dresses with bright colours and striking prints. Gorgeous florals are always everywhere but this year I fancied something a bit different. Floral prints are the obvious choice for summer offering limitless potential for different designs and colours but I needed a change and so it was time to make some additions to my wardrobe. I would still wear the lovely floral dresses I had but needed to mix it up a bit.


Casting my eyes around for inspiration in my bedroom, I caught sight of a scarf I purchased some time ago which featured a pretty print of blue butterflies on a white background. That was it! I wanted to wear butterflies this year. Butterflies are delicate like flowers and speak of sunny days too. They also offer the potential for wearing many gorgeous colours from soft pastels to bold oranges. This was my new alternative to floral prints. Lots of butterflies. All I had to do was find the items I needed to make some complete outfits. I thought I might struggle to find what I needed but actually butterflies appear to be a popular theme at the moment. I thought I had had an original idea (which would have been a first) but many designers appear to have got there before me.

The Dress

Naturally I needed to find a dress or dresses featuring butterflies and fashioned in a flattering style. I have a less than perfect figure that needs a little help! I didn’t need to look far as I stumbled across the Uttam London Clothing collection which has many really pretty dresses including some styles in lovely butterfly prints. The cut was great too so job done there!


My lovely dresses needed a few extras to complete the look. I found several rather nice pieces of jewellery with butterfly motifs and pendants which look great with the dresses. I already had the one scarf but the colour was a bit off so I invested in a couple from Oasis to wear when I have to slip a jacket on over the dresses. Anna Smith bags had the perfect handbag with pretty butterflies in pastel colours and I felt I could just use plain shoes to complete my outfits. This all seemed a bit too easy! How often do you decide what you want and then struggle to find it anywhere? Not this time for me, as butterflies are clearly right on trend.



After tracking down my new garments and accessories it was time to test the water by actually wearing them to see what reaction I got. The look seemed universally popular! Girls liked it because it was pretty, colourful and appropriate for a variety of occasions. The guys liked it because it was feminine. For once in my life I think I have really hit the spot with this idea. Maybe I should try something new like this every year. I note that there are some Uttam dresses featuring beautiful birds. I am going avian for 2014!

Sally Stacey is a keen blogger who loves her summer fashion and is now very into butterflies

Turning To Butterflies

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    These are beautiful! I always love adding a scarf for some extra added print and colour!