Trends For Girls Clothing This Summer

Now that the shops are starting to fill with the summer ranges, the heavy coats and jumpers of the winter months have been replaced with t-shirts, summer dresses and shorts, making us instantly think of the warm days to come in the next few months. Just as with adult fashion, trends come and go with children’s clothing, so what are the best-dressed kids going to be wearing this summer?

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Florals and Butterflies

Flowers and floral prints are eternally popular for the summer months, but they are around more than ever this year. Butterflies are also everywhere you look in adult clothing ranges, and this has filtered through to kids’ ranges too. The key to remember with both the flowers and the butterflies is that less is more; although little girls seem to quite like wearing many clashing patterns at the same time, it is best to opt for a patterned top with plain leggings, or vice versa.


The biggest colour trends for summer this year are bright reds, purplish pinks and jade green, and all of these shades are being used for children’s clothing as well as for adults. If you are going shopping for a special occasion dress for an older girl you will have no trouble finding an outfit in one of these trendy shades in a petite section of any mainstream retailer, and to a lesser extent the shades are available in children’s departments too. If you are attending a wedding as a family, all go shopping together as the “everyone matching” look is something you really ought to avoid.

Crochet and Lace

Crochet fabric harks back to the 1970s and there are lots of crocheted cover-ups, blouses and dresses on the market for adults and children this season. The beauty of a crocheted fabric is that it provides a little warmth but still allows the skin to breathe. Look for crochet bags and other accessories if your kids want to pick up on the trend but don’t want to wear the tops or jumpers. The crocheted gilet from Derhy Kids is the perfect item for this trend and it is also available in bright red, one of the key colours for this summer.


Anyone who has a daughter will be a convert to the concept of leggings and jeggings. They can be used to extend the life of a favourite dress by allowing it to be worn as a long top, and girls of all ages find their jeggings comfortable and practical whatever the occasion. Opt for a standard dark denim jegging from Derhy Kids as the dark shade goes with absolutely everything and will suit all ages of girls.


It’s back to the 1980s for the last major trend. Neon colours have been around for a few seasons now and the bright zingy lime greens and fluorescent pinks are ideal for summer clothing. Mixing and matching different neon shades is a bold look popular with younger kids, and younger teens may prefer to choose garments in a more neutral shade of grey or black, trimmed with neon.

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Trends For Girls Clothing This Summer

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