Trending Summer Weddings

Planning a wedding in the summer is a great time to take advantage of the long hours of sunlight, warm temperatures, and the latest trending wedding ideas. From outfits to decor to locations, there is a lot to be excited about in a summer wedding. The first thing to know is the traditional wedding is a thing of the past. While still popular and still suited to some, there is a lot more to the modern wedding than bride and groom figurines on cakes and flowing white dresses and pressed tuxedos. The trends in modern weddings change from year to year with some things remaining consistently, while other things are thrown out with each change of season. Here are some of the top trending features of summer weddings.

Bright Colors

Incorporating bright colors into the decor and outfits is a popular way to express the warm temperatures and bright days of summer. Choose a few colors and develop a pleasing color scheme. Too many flashy colors and things may turn into a scattered mess. Make the colors dynamic but limit yourself to a few strong colors–an accent color and some hues are always a good idea. This is probably one summer wedding trend that won’t go out of style too soon, so embrace the colors that excite you.

Unique Themes

The old, boring traditional wedding in a generic church or backyard is no more. The current wedding trends say that your location must be unique. Of course, it’s hard to be totally unique–chances are someone, somewhere has done what you’re doing. Still, choose a theme and location that represents you and what you want your wedding to be. Have the ceremony in the mountains and decorate the setting with thematic items to embody the location. If you’re on the beach, bring beachwear and everything else you associate with the beach.

Better Music

This one is more subjective but think about foregoing the traditional wedding music in favor of something a little more laid back and lighthearted. For the reception and cocktail hours, play something that suits the theme of your wedding. If you’re on the beach, bust out the ukulele or the bass rhythms of reggae. Choose something fitting for your theme. If the occasion is formal and gentle piano and a nice tenor are most appropriate, there’s no reason to force something else. The point is to challenge yourself a little and experiment a little with the music and brighten things up a bit.

Cool Signature Drinks

For your cocktail hour, consider a cool signature drink for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. During summer weddings people want to cool down, so serving a cool cocktail like daiquiris or wine smoothies are a popular way to escape the heat and relax. If you really want to get creative, seek out some interesting bartender’s drink recipes, choose one, and make it your wedding’s signature drink. The same old drinks are great for the bar, but try featuring a drink and see what people

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Trending Summer Weddings

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