Top 5 Urban Fashion Trends

Fashion is a continually growing and influential industry. Fashion isn’t just about looking good; fashion is about expressing yourself, finding a way to stand out, or in some cases, blend in.

Fashion is becoming increasing important; it is followed by everyone from celebrities, teenagers, often because of celebrities, and professionals.

Trend Number 1 – Headphones

Believe it or not, headphones are very much an urban fashion statement. There was a time when headphones were annoyingly big, they would fall off your head and mess up your hair. Companies started to design in-ear headphones which were seen to be more practical. However, now, big headphones have become a fashion accessory. A number of celebrities have even released their own ranges of headphones, for example, Dr Dre and his Dre Beats.

Trend Number 2 – Sports Jerseys

Sports jerseys have always played a predominant role is urban fashion for men. However, they are now available for women too, they can be styled loosely fitted as with the men’s jerseys, or to adhere to a more feminine look they can be tightly fitted or cropped.

Trend Number 3 – Backpacks

Backpacks were once associated with being a “geek.” Now however, they are a trendy urban accessory used by a number of celebrities. They were re-acclaimed as being practical, for both storage and carrying, with that in mind, a clever urban fashion designer started to market them as being “cool,” with an array of patterns, sizes, and styles available.

Trend Number 4 – Bold Colours

Bold colours may seem a simple element within fashion. However, bold colours are used to express moods, to stand out, to rebel against convention. Bold colours are currently being mixed, matched and meshed together for fun, stand-out looks. Even suits and work wear has seen an increased variety of colours; less black, navy and grey, and more yellow, green and red.

Trend Number 5 – Hats

Hats were traditionally worn for practical use – for keeping the head warm during cold winter days, or keeping the sun out of the eyes in sunny summer days. Caps have been common for a number of years, although the number of females wearing caps has increased. Now, hats are worn all year round. It is not unusual to see someone wearing a pair of shorts, a vest, and a wooly hat on a hot day.

It is never difficult to follow the latest urban fashion trends with online outlets such as J-Bees. All you have to do to keep up with designers and trends is open a magazine, watch TV, or follow your favourite celebrities on social networking sites. These days, so many celebrities have their own fashion ranges too.

The Kardashian sisters have their own KKK range that features cool, but elegant dresses, jewellery and other garments.

Pop singer Avril Lavigne has her own urban rock range called Abbey Dawn. Rapper, Kanye West has his own clothing range that caters to cool women’s fashion, with a hint of class and some unusual designs. Singer Gwen Stephani has a clothing range that combines her kooky look with urban, and a number of other fashion styles.

In urban fashion and fashion in general, these days anything goes. If celebrities can wear dresses made from meat for high-end award shows, then you can most definitely experiment with these top five trends.

Alisha Malik is a fashion graduate with an in-depth knowledge of the latest fashion trends. Alisha specializes in urban fashion, which is reflected in their own attire.

Top 5 Urban Fashion Trends

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