Top 5 Style Resolutions For 2014

Every new year brings with it a long list of resolutions. Sometimes it’s things like “learning a new skill”, but for most women, it’s something to do with their bodies. Whether it’s losing weight or getting rid of the stuff they don’t wear, women tend to make their appearance a priority. It’s the same in 2014. But resolutions don’t have to be absolute, and they don’t have to make you feel bad about yourself. Here are five things you should resolve to doing this year, without feeling pressured in any way:

Image via The Chic Scribe

1. Clean up your closet. Oh, the old burden of organizing that mess! There’s no better time than the present, though: pile your stuff into things you’re keeping, things you’re donating and things you’re throwing out. The first pile should be things you’re actually wearing, as well as special occasion clothes; the second pile should be things that don’t fit well or that you haven’t worn in years; the last pile should be things that are very worn out, torn apart, and which you were keeping for no apparent reason.

2. Dress up more. This doesn’t mean that you should take your wedding dress to work. It means that you should keep your exercise clothes for the gym, and wear a skirt every once in a while. A regular Wednesday feels more special if you’re dressed femininely, and just imagine what it can do for date nights!

3. Wear color. Many women are afraid of wearing red, thinking it’s too bold, when it’s actually a universally flattering color. Blondes often refuse to wear yellow, saying it’s too close to their hair color. Resolve to step out of your comfort zone in 2014, and try out a color you always avoided. You might find something fun to experiment with!

4. Accessorize. It’s easy to disregard the power of accessories… But the truth is, there are so many amazing ways to accessorize that will instantly change the way an outfit looks and feels! Plus, it’s more affordable to buy new accessories than new clothes. You can even make investments in designer pieces: new sunglasses , statement necklaces, an it bag or a good belt can make your looks more polished in just moments.

5. Shop smart. How can anyone do this, you ask? It’s not that hard. Stop buying things just because you might want to wear them someday: only buy the stuff you really love and need. 2014 will have a dozen trends, most of which will soon be forgotten. Stick to the ones that suit your style and aesthetic, and you’ll be able to wear them again and again.