Top 5 Must Have Urban Fashion Garments For Men

The thing that makes fashion so inspirational is the variety of cultures and sub-sectors that it inspires, and how everyone can put their own individual twist on almost everything to create a unique look. If you went up to 10 people in the street and said, “Create me an urban look,” you’d be almost certain to get 10 unique styles and appearances created in front of your eyes.


While these looks would all reflect current trends and probably be better than what you’d find in a promotional glossy magazine, it is hard to forget that there are some top quality garments that we believe look great, and should be essential staples of any urban wardrobe. Today, we turn our attention to the men. With an eye on summer and perhaps one even further ahead, we looked at the top 5 urban essentials for men.

Nike Air Max Sunset

Gone are the days when wearing a pair of Nike Air Max trainers saw you labeled as a reprobate. This iconic shoe has really reclaimed its roots with the launch of the Sunset range at the start of June, and are by far the most fashionable footwear pounding the streets this summer.

Forget about blazers or any other type of footwear; if you want comfort and style in one package this summer, this is what you need to go out and buy.

Urban Headwear

Last year was the year of New Era hats, and while they are still going to be massively popular there are a number of brands that offer a great alternative should you want to avoid U.S. baseball or NFL team logos gracing your headwear.

Our favorite is definitely the Boys in the Hood range of headwear, inspired by the famous film of 22years ago. For us, this is definitely the brand to watch in 2013.

G Star Jeans

Whether you’re looking for a super slim fit or something baggier and 100% in tune with urban style and relaxation, G Star Jeans are the way to go.

The essential buys are the black and dark blue raw varieties featured along with other mens jeans at J-Bees, which will leave you looking brilliant and rocking the urban look you want.

Crooks & Castles Sunglasses

No look is complete without accessories, and Crooks & Castles is a great brand to go for if you’re looking for sunglasses that aren’t too obvious or from the usual suspects like Ray Ban or Oakley. These are the perfect reflection of modern urban fashion; right on trend, jet-black with a touch of glitz and bling, and above all, they have attitude in abundance.

Adidas Monkey T-Shirt

Adidas have moved a long way from the days of just being ‘the brand with the three stripes,’ and are today one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, predominantly on the back of their sportswear success.

While their range has a number of amazing t-shirts once more, the monkey t-shirt; a black t-shirt featuring a monkey in an Adidas Originals tracksuit, is the undisputed best.

Building Your Urban Look

What are you waiting for? You are now armed with all the information you need to build the essential urban look for this summer, and the great thing is these lines will all still be stylish in the winter, too.

You can be happy that your summer style purchases won’t be fit for the charity shop come the end of the season. Buy now, and keep them as style staples for the next 12 months or more.

Aisha Malik is a fashion journalist who loves discussing fashion with a variety of people and exploring the best niche styles currently available. Aisha is a big believer in timeless fashion, and always seeks out items that aren’t going to be seen as out of fashion in a matter of weeks.

Top 5 Must Have Urban Fashion Garments For Men

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