Think You Don’t Know How To Accessorise? Think Again!

Accessories can at times be the hardest part of the outfit to get right – particularly as a balance needs to be struck between making them complement your outfit and making them noticeable. Too far either way and you may as well not wear them at all!

Equally, investing in accessories can be expensive, and it is worth knowing how to avoid mistakes and invest in the right things – here are five foolproof tips.

1) Save On Fashion Which Doesn’t Endure Time

Remember the time when chunky plastic beads were in fashion? I certainly do, and I really would like to forget it. When you are seriously thinking of investing in a particular style or accessory, it’s certainly worth researching. Find out if it will be a long-term or short-term investment. If it’s a fashion that’s likely to change, stick to the cheap purchases, and think again on whether it is actually worth the price, or whether you will ever wear it again. Also think about whether you actually like it – next winter will you really want to keep that expensive giraffe onesie you ordered off the internet?

Probably not.

2) Don’t Over-Accessorise

Chanel always said: “Always take off one thing before you leave the house”, and she’s probably right. When you’re going out for a big night, it is very easy to wear too many things on one outfit.

Do you really need a bracelet on both arms? Or a long necklace, long earrings and dangly bracelet? Probably not. The best way to do it is usually to have one stand-out piece, for example a brightly-coloured necklace, and put it with more subtle items, like a single bangle.

3) Your Accessories Don’t Have To Match

A big mistake that many women make is to make every single accessory match. If for example you’re wearing a turquoise dress, pairing it with a turquoise bag- adding a matching bracelet and necklace is overkill. If you’re nervous about getting it right, stick to a simple silver style – it goes with everything – or think about colours which complement your choice. Brown accessories would go with turquoise well, as would dark blue. So tone it down and mix it up.

4) Think About Your Routine

Consider your plans! Girly lunch followed by a meeting at work? A satchel is your best bet, as it is fashionable enough to go out with friends but can also hold all your work gear, and is stylishly business-like. If you’re going out in the evening and don’t have time to change after work, make sure you’re wearing a statement piece throughout the day, such as a chunky necklace. Fashion disasters are easily avoidable if you’re organised.

5) Invest In Classic Items

Remember, it’s not bad to spend a lot of money on an accessory if it’s going to last a long time. Again, it’s a case of doing your research and ensuring it’s a long-term investment, and that you will like it for considerable time and won’t prefer something else on the market.

Watches, bags and sunglasses are timeless pieces which are always worth investing in. For example, a watch you wear every day is worth spending money on because people will see it all the time. Equally, if you wear glasses, you definitely need to invest in them and seek advice from a stylist, because lenses can be expensive, and if you make the wrong choice they can date very quickly. It is best to stick to the well-established brands which have been around for a while – these Ray Ban prescription sunglasses are not only attractive now but have been popular for a while.

Make sure you stick to the basic tips, and then mainly, you can’t go wrong. But most important of all, use your common sense – if you don’t think an accessory fits with your outfit, it most likely doesn’t look quite right. Trust your instincts!

Talk us through your favourite accessories in the comments.

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Think You Don’t Know How To Accessorise? Think Again!

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