The Top Five Biggest Summer Fashion and Beauty Dos

Summer is here. For the fashion fanatics and the beauty prodigies this is the time to show case the best of their wardrobe and that too in style. But don’t be fooled, it’s not always about having the best apparels or accessories, so don’t forget the visit to that skin clinic for those non-surgical face-lifts. As for the rest, this is our list of Top Five Biggest Summer Fashion and Beauty Dos:

The Short Yellow Dress

Just the way the LBD is a must have for the chic wardrobe of yours, another essential must have for summer is little yellow dress, but behold it’s not just any yellow. This baby has to be in a shade of canary yellow bringing out the hues of the sun, yet having a feminine summary touch. The shorter it goes, the better it is- obviously with envious legs to sport it.

All White

Just when you thought the best way you could pair up your white was with those black jodhpurs or comfy blue denims, think again, may be its time to team up white with white. No, we are not doing the widowed look here, we are speaking of the look sported by Miranda Kerr, where you team up a white summary top preferably with little bits of an alternative colour may be, and sport it with a full white knee length formal skirt. Sounds too much of white? Try carrying a yellow handbag may be?

The Scarf Turban

Whoever said that the turban was a male headgear obviously never tried pulling of a scarf turban to sport that uber-cool urban desi look. Take that jazziest of the scarf and roll it to form a turban formation in your head, and there you are ready to go out with your graphic tee and loose harem. Not only does this look portray a hell may care attitude, but also keeps your head off the heat. Intelligent and stylish.

The Wet-Hair Look

Just when you thought it was only about the dresses and accessories, we surprise you with a super summer hairstyle. Don’t you hate it when the summer sweat messes up that perfectly straightened hair of yours or compels you to roll that curls you spend hours on into a morbid bun. Well, here is solution, dab in some gel into that hair, to get rid of the frizz and hold the clips from both sides, keep blow drying your hair on the low and there you are with the wet hair look minus the hair band to keep the top side of the hair in place.

The Gwen-Stefani Look

This is one of the sexiest and most hyped about summer look that is doing rounds in almost all fashion magazines, so here it for our readers. Start off with getting that pout right, apply the cherriest shade of red you have from your lip color palette. Once done, move on to the eyes, by paring it with bold shades, could a one with white board side-lines or red may be. FYI, you have to be extremely confident to pull this one off.

There you go. Go out there, and experiment with the looks we showcased for you. Don’t forget that any glam look can only be perfected with the best of make-up and attitude, hence before you go out there to be the next glam diva make sure you have the wrinkles and the jitz sorted out permanently through your non-surgical face-lifts. Else, these perfect looks could go into a complete waste.

The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession associated with who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

The Top Five Biggest Summer Fashion and Beauty Dos

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