The Story Of Dickies

Dickies has its humble beginnings in Bryan, Texas, in the United States of America. The company has a long history of innovation and customer contact which has seen it growing from strength to strength as the decades have gone by.

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They started out manufacturing bib overalls and are today the largest manufacturer of workwear in the world. They now manufacture a broad range of clothing including work pants and shirts, a selection of denim garments and women’s workwear.

Two gentlemen, C.N. Williamson and E.E. Colonel Dickie both began their careers in the vehicle industry before they decided to purchase an entire ‘overall’ producing company in 1922. Steady growth followed and with that came wide scale expansion which saw the rise of new production facilities, storage warehouses and rapid expansion across the U.S.A and into numerous countries.

Dickies manufacture workwear suitable for a number of specialist uses to offer the wearer the best possible protection. Examples of this can be seen within their extensive range of high visibility gear available for men and women. High visibility clothing can be used for roadside construction, in factories or in any situation where your visibility is crucial for you safety.

Flame resistant wear is another highly specialised range of clothing available with overalls and casual items available from this range. All these items have been made using materials which are naturally resistant to fire and treated with suitable fire retardant substances for enhanced protection.

Dickies even manufacture a selection of scrubs for hospital workers and health practitioners with suitable footwear to match.  The company also makes a range of work boots for many different industries, whether it is factory or outdoor work, and even make a range of casual footwear designed to keep you comfortable and stylish.

Below are some of the specific professions catered for:

  • Automotive
  • Caregivers
  • Hospitality
  • Lawn and pool
  • Maintenance
  • Municipal services
  • Painters
  • Public safety
  • Transportation

The company continues to manufacturer the very first type of garment it started with, the bib overall which compliments all the new additions to their range of products along with Dickies’ kids offering which is available for boys, girls and toddlers.

For active individuals in demanding jobs, having the right clothing is a non-negotiable and, thanks to Dickies, everything you need from shirts and pants to overalls and shoes are available from them and manufactured to the highest standards.

It is the shear variety of garments and apparel coupled with their renowned quality that has contributed to the continued growth and success of this company. Dickies have only experienced a slow-down in growth twice, brought on by the Great Depression and when it was sequestrated during World War II to produce uniforms for the armed forces – a noble cause to be sure.

So, if its quality and durability you are after, why not consider the tried and tested selection of work clothing and casual wear from Dickies – the leading manufacturer of work apparel in the world.

Sharon has worked as a registered nurse and enjoys doing DIY projects from home. Her husband bought her her first pair of Dickies and they are not only safe but comfortable too.

The Story Of Dickies

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