Summer of 2014 – A Sizzling Season to Remember

After having carried the burden of several layers all through the freezing winter, everyone looks forward to promise of joy and sunshine that summer heralds. While everyone looks forward to fun and fiesta, women are particularly interested since it provides them with the opportunity of feeling the warm sun-rays right on their skin without hindering on comfort in any way.

But is it truly possible to look hot and sizzling in this already warm season? Of course it is especially when you decide to sport some of the latest trends that have been designed with the intention of creating waves for miles around the wearer. Summer of 2013 belongs to crop tops, bandeau bikinis and cut-out dresses all of which convey the spirit of fun without compromising on style.

Look cool in a crop top

If you feel that comfort and style do not gel then you could not have been more mistaken because this summer it is the crop top that has rendered the seemingly impossible task realistic. Such is the versatility of this design that there is something for everyone in this section. While women with a slim waist can opt for a tank variety wherein the crop top just manages to cover the belly button, someone looking for a casual look can opt for a simple tee. Crop tops can extend till right above your bums too and this style is perfect for someone who wishes to hide her huge bottom. A woman who wishes to expose her skin to the sun’s rays must opt for a strapless crop top and one who is in search of an all-season apparel must invest in a turtle-neck or sweater variety.

Crop tops are only good for casual wear – You could not have been more wrong than this because crop tops can be worn anytime and anywhere. Courtesy of the wide variety in materials, prints, colors and styles, you are bound to find a crop top for every occasion provided you look hard enough. So when pairing one with jeans, you can choose something in cotton with a summer print while for formal occasions a crop top in lace and single color would match well with a pencil skirt or a formal trouser.

So all that you need to do is hunt for crop tops this summer and have one for every occasion to set the temperatures soaring.

How about a bandeau bikini?

Nothing could be more synonymous with summer than beach and this automatically implies that you would soon need to take some time out of your daily schedule in order to find a perfect bikini for yourself. However, in this summer of 2013, you need not look beyond the bandeau because this style is definitely predicted to rule the waves as also the sand.

Credit goes to the French for having invented the bandeau style wherein there is a band of fabric that is pulled over the head and wrapped snugly over the breasts. Originally, a bandeau was meant to be a strapless and button-less top for a bikini but nowadays there are variations in terms of halter neck, removable straps, hooks and so on. Although touted as being the most stylish, they also stand out in respect of the fact that they suit every body type and cover all imperfections ranging from broad shoulders to a slight belly bulge. Irrespective of the style or color you choose to wear, the outcome is sure to be cute, trendy and stunning thus working out for you in every way. Some of the prints that seem to be dominating over the others this year are flowers, Aztec, polka dots and animals and mint green, red, royal blue and magenta are some of the shades that are particularly visible.

One of the best aspects of bandeau is that it can be sported in any style and combination. Thus, you can combine a bandeau top with a high waist bikini bottom for a retro look while mixing and matching with creativity is likely to lead to new and unique pairs.

Cut out the competition with a cut-out dress

Add a liberal dose of fun to style and what you get is a cut-out dress which is basically an outfit that is sprinkled with patches of various sizes, shapes and designs all through it surface. Something that makes this trend unpredictable is that there is no rule governing the placement of cut-outs, meaning they can be placed anywhere on the dress. The result is an outfit carrying a definite edge and in keeping with the latest trend of personalized style.

A cylindrical figure is best complimented by a dress featuring a cut-out positioned to cover the abdomen while an hourglass figure should be sheathed in a form-fitting dress with cut-outs covering the two flanks. Cut-outs could be sleeveless or short-sleeved and while the former could carry patches at the back, the latter could use them to highlight the shoulders. There is the option of mini also which has patches running all along the waist or a trendy neckline with patches adorning the most attractive feature.

In addition to strategically placed cut-outs, another point that renders this style timeless is the fact that it can be emulated in any number of fabrics ranging from cotton to leather with everything in between. Colors are also not a problem since every shade of the spectrum finds due representation, meaning it is indeed possible to match a dress with every season and every type of occasion. So you can wear yellow, orange or fuchsia during summer, black or white for formal occasions and nude to grace a semi formal event.

Take a further step towards creativity and carry yourself with confidence in a single-shoulder dress wherein one of your arms is sheathed in a long sleeve and the other remains bare.

Summer of 2014 – A Sizzling Season to Remember

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