How To Avoid Getting Flooded Out This Festival Season

So the summer festival season is nearly upon us and many of us will be holding tickets for some of the UK’s largest music festivals this summer. As usual we will all be hoping for lazy hot summer days where you can chill out to your favourite bands and enjoy drinks laid back on the grass…

However… the British summertime as we all know can be pretty unpredictable and over the years there have been some real stinkers of storms seen at the likes of Glastonbury, V Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival to name a few.

To be fair, there is not much we can do about it, well except for moan that is and being British, we are highly skilled in the art of complaining about the weather, so without further ado, pull your socks up, put your best wellybobs on and let’s see how we can fight back at those old storm clouds.

Smart Camping

Firstly, if you camping, then take a look at where you put your tent pitch. If you are going to pitch at the bottom of a hill on flat land then you are asking to go for a midnight swim should the heavens open. Try to pitch on gently sloping land and make sure you sleep with your head up and feet down if you don’t want to end up with no sleep and a banging head.

Protect your Valuables.

Try to keep valuables such as cash, phones and car keys on you in a buttoned or zipped pocket if possible whilst out enjoying the music. When you get back to your tent for the night, then if your tent has inner pockets which are raised off the ground, then it might be a good idea to put your valuables into those. Another great idea is to invest in a little ‘dry bag’. These are available from all good outdoor and camping shops and could save you a small fortune if the weather turns nasty. Simply pop your valuables inside, roll down the top section and clip shut. Voila! A watertight safe haven for the precious smart phone!

Dress for Success

As long as you are suitably dressed for wet weather, it shouldn’t be a problem and can even be fun! So make sure you take your best designer wellington boots! The humble old welly has become a big fashion statement at festivals and so now is your chance to shine!

Layer your clothing too, there’s no fun in being cold and wet and by using layers you can add or remove clothing dependent on the weather. Maybe a base layer, t-shirt or vest, a fast drying fleece or micro fibre and finished with a waterproof outer layer.

Always take a waterproof coat or poncho to keep off the worst of it and again, dry clothing could be stored in a larger dry bag or back at the car for emergencies.

Happy Camping!

For more information on the range of festivals this summer check out the web and the UK music guides.

Guest post by Cara Hawkins, looking at hiring a pump to keep her local festival flood free.

How To Avoid Getting Flooded Out This Festival Season

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