How Fashion Influences How We Live

Fashion is a general term used to describe a popular style or practice. It refers to the way in which a person dresses, as well as the newest creations of textile designers. Within fashion there are a number of sub categories that address individual styles, and celebrate certain cultures, lifestyles, and personalities.

Fashion Styles

There are a number of individual styles within fashion, such as bohemian fashion, which consists of loose clothing made from natural fabrics, colourful scarves, oriental garments, and layering, Mod fashion, popular in the mid-60s, influenced by pop art, which consists of slim-fitting suits, button down shirts, and handkerchiefs stuffed into the breast pockets of blazers, and Urban fashion, influenced by Hip-Hop music and musicians, American street wear, and sports players and athletes.

All fashion can be found in a number of online and offline outlets. Small fashion businesses and individual designers are commonly opening their own stores and selling their own garments online. Other outlets provide a large number of styles and brands all within the same vicinity. Many online outlets specialize in specific styles. For example, online outlet J-Bees specialises in selling urban clothing for both men and women, and includes clothing, footwear, and accessories.

The Significance of Fashion

Fashion plays an important role to media. There are television programs and magazines dedicated to fashion. Some television programmes are designed to review celebrity fashion styles, some magazines are designed to give people the heads up on up and coming trends and how to find fashion bargains. There are many individuals who blog, and YouTube their opinions on fashion. Also, there are many aspiring designers using social media to promote their designs. Additionally, there are a number of media outlets that allow companies and designers easy ways to sell garments.

There is an anthropological approach to the way of viewing fashion. This is the study of culture and human societies. Regarding fashion, researchers have looked for the answers to questions such as why are certain styles deemed more socially appropriate than others?

There are a number of psychological theories that surround the significance of fashion, and its influence on people. These theories highlight things such as conveying meaning, managing identity, self-perception, and judgements of others.

The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a multi-billion pound global enterprise. Some people distinguish between the fashion industry which makes what is considered to be “high-fashion” clothes, often more unique, experimental and expensive, and the apparel industry, which makes “ordinary” clothes using mass production; but the boundaries between the two are now blurred. For argument sake, we’ll refer to the fashion industry as an industry that produces and sells all garments.

The fashion industry is a product of modern age. Fashion has developed over time and adapted to technology. The fashion industry has seen a decline in its employment in the United States due to production moving overseas, despite having long been one of the largest employers there.

By any measure, the fashion industry is unarguably responsible for a significant share of world economy output.

Aisha Malik, fashion graduate, is an expert in fashion and the fashion industry. Not only is Alisha knowledgeable on latest trends, but also known the origins of fashion.

How Fashion Influences How We Live

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