Holiday Tips to Make the Most of Your Luscious Lashes: Simple DIY Eyelash Extension Training Guide

The T-zone – which is basically your face and the surrounding nearby regions of your body, such as your neck, teeth and hair – is the most noticeable aspect of your body. Most people size another person from head to toe, meaning that they notice your face first. Since we naturally look into another person’s face when talking to them, and typically focus on their eyes for a more personal approach and appeal, the eyes and your lashes greatly matter when seeking that strikingly provocative look. Most gals have long lamented that they don’t have the lashes that they desire. While we are all stuck with the body parts that we have, this also doesn’t mean that we are unable to modify our look by adding some foreign beatification elements to the mix. One popular means by which women commonly add some charm to their T-zone demeanor is via popular eyelash extensions. You need not drop tons of your hard earned money this holiday season at the salon to get these lashes, especially when you have to plenty of holiday gifts to shop for with that money instead. Rather, just rely upon this helpful DIY eyelash extension training guide to easily apply your favorite lashes and to bedazzle spectators with your seductive holiday looks.

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1. Acquire the Materials: You will first need to obtain the necessary materials and tools to apply eyelash extensions on your own. It’s also advised that you enlist a trusted friend to aid you with the application, which will make the entire process easier and smoother to accomplish. The best route is to consider eyelash extension kits, which will provide you with every tool that you will require to pull this off. They can be found online and vary in price. Consider the mediums of these lashes, which can vary between mink, silk or synthetic, with varying prices (mink and silk are costlier than synthetic but also can last longer when properly applied). Make sure you have aluminum foil, cotton swabs and toothpicks handy for applying the lashes and the adhesive; often these tools are included in most kits.

2. Prepare for Application: Before you go about applying your sexy lashes, you will need to complete some preparations first. Take the time to use hot water and soap to thoroughly wash your face and hands. Also – make sure you use some thick petroleum jelly and apply it on your eyelids and around your eyes; this will prevent the glue from setting on your skin if a bit dribbles off when you are applying the lashes. Use tweezers to delicately remove the lashes from the kit and to avoid damaging them. Setup your workstation with the lashes in one spot, the glue in another and the foil, cotton swabs and toothpicks nearby.

3. Decide on Length: You have some options with length here. This may require that you carefully trim the extensions before you apply them. Consider which holiday style you are seeking. Longer lashes add a more dramatic appeal to your T-zone couture whereas shorter lashes will look more natural and vibrant. The choice is yours.

4. Apply the Lashes: Take the glue and dab a small amount – about the size of a quarter – onto a paper plate. Stir the glue by using a toothpick and circular motions to prepare it for application. Using the tweezers, gently dip the end of the lashes into the glue and ensure that even application is applied. Using a mirror, carefully apply the lashes to your eye by beginning with the center of the lashes and then applying the sides for an even application. Make sure you keep your eye closed while applying the lash to avoid getting glue in your eyes. This will take a few attempts before you truly get the hang of it. Carefully apply the clusters to ensure an even and natural application. Ensure that you glue the lashes to your actual lashes and avoid touching the thin skin on your eyelid to prevent irritation. Using a cotton swab, apply slight pressure to each cluster while keeping your eye closed to allow the glue time to dry. Repeat this process for each cluster until you achieve the desired look. Lashes can last from two weeks to six weeks. Enjoy your sexy holiday look.

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