Guide To Choosing Jeans

Jeans are something that most of us wear without thinking about it: they’re just so versatile. Whether they’re hipster style slim fit jeans, skater style baggy jeans, or eyebrow raising skinny jeans that leave nothing to the imagination (yes that is a roll of Polos in my pocket, thanks for asking), we all throw our jeans on in the morning without a care in the world.

While some people collect jeans like they’re going out of fashion (which is just silly: jeans are never going out of fashion), most of us only ever wear one pair. Whether it’s those black jeans that you had on when you kissed your girlfriend for the first time, or those flared jeans that you were sceptical about at first, everyone has a favourite pair. And every favourite pair of jeans has its own history.

That’s why shopping for jeans should be so much more than a lunch break dash around the shops. Choosing a new pair of jeans should be an important and momentous occasion in a man’s life: this could, after all, be the last time you do it for a few years.

So what should you think about when you buy a new pair of jeans? Lots, apparently. Here are three quick tips for picking up the ideal pair.

Classic ‘washes’

Bright green and yellow jeans may be all the rage this season, but once this season is over you’re going to look like a fashion victim if you keep wearing your brightly coloured trews. Stick to the original blue denim: you can deviate slightly too faded denim or dark denim. Try to avoid other colours no matter how tempting they look. Nothing can beat the traditional blue jean.

Classic ‘fits’

The fit (aka the style) of men’s jeans is another important thing to look out for. Different fits can go in and out of style all the time: this summer they’re skinny, next season they’re baggy, but one thing’s for sure: the straight leg jean is going nowhere. have a look at some some of the Burton jeans as they are not too skinny, not too baggy, they have a timeless characteristic that can make anyone look effortlessly cool.

Don’t fake it

If you really want your jeans to last, go for untreated denim. That means avoiding the artificially treated jeans (designed to look bleached and well worn) and going straight for the ones that are stiff as a board. They’ll need a lot of breaking in (soaking them in the bathtub overnight with a cup of vinegar helps) and you should by no means throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty. But if you go to the trouble of seeking out raw denim, and if you treat them well, you’ll be rewarded with a hardy piece of clothing that will last you for years to come. The joy will be watching the character of the jeans change: they’ll grow with you as scuffs appear on the knees and the shape of your wallet imprints itself on your back pocket.

Then again, it’s far easier to walk onto the high street and get the worn and faded look without all the effort. It’s your call, but even if they’re not raw you still have to take care of your jeans. Try to wash them as little as possible, always inside out, and always with other dark colours. This will help you to keep them at their best for longer.

What does your favourite pair of jeans look like?

Max Cohen is a blogger and writer currently living in London.

Guide To Choosing Jeans

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  • Caroline

    Jeans are always so hard to fit. It’s always an afternoon of trying on a million pairs before I find a good fit!