Grace The Occasion With A Perfect Pair Of Chinos And A Smart T-shirt

Finding the right set of clothes to wear for an occasion is always a question. Especially with the advent of the smart casual attire both professionally and personally. The great balancing act of smart vs. casual is something that can make dressing, seem an uphill battle. You can look overdressed if you turn up super smart or sloppy if you are dressed too casual. Though being overdressed vs. sloppy is the better of the two evils.

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How do you achieve the balance between the two worlds? Well the trick is to remember smart part a tad bit more than the casual bit. So what can you do?

Buy a nice pair of Chinos

Chinos have become increasingly popular and are acceptable across a wide range of occasions. When in doubt, slim chinos can always be a safe bet. A pair of chinos in a neutral, not so shocking shade cannot go wrong. For e.g. pair a grey chino with rich chocolate brown shoes and, will help you grace any occasion with style. If you decide to wear a belt with the chinos then ensure it’s the same shade as the shoe. A mismatch is a very rookie mistake, which you should avoid.

Choosing the right chinos

There are different types of chinos that are available in the market – the casual chinos, the work wear chinos and the smart chinos. Based on the occasion you should choose the pair of chinos that would fit it. You need to go for the smart chinos, which are discernable by their inseam and out seam which are both hidden. This ensures that your chinos have clean lines which give them a sharper fit. Also these will fit in at your waist directly.

Choosing the right material and tailoring

Chinos are available in number of different materials to choose from. For achieving a smart look you should select high quality cotton or other such luxurious materials. With a better fit these materials end up giving you a really sophisticated look without the formality. Since they will cost a pretty penny, its advisable to choose them a few in neutral shades, and they will work for you for years.

Matching the chinos with t-Shirts

These are the most versatile pair of leg wear you will own. They can be worn with long sleeve polos or collared t-shirts. Generally you should try to use a single block colour when choosing a smart t-shirt. Look for traditional colours like blue, pink or white are the safest option. Team any of these mix and match options with a navy blue blazer and your set. Navy blue blazers will work with almost all options, so invest in a good quality one for long term use.

So the best way to choose a chino for an occasion is to first identify your own style in terms of the types of chinos available. Once you have chosen the style you can then pick them up in some colours you like. Match them with the right pair of t-shirt and shoes and you’re ready to walk into any occasion in style.

The writer, Gisele Hawkins, is a freelance writer and a fashion diva. She shares fashion and beauty tips through her articles. She urges men to wear chinos as it accentuates their athletic figure and make them look more appealing.

Grace The Occasion With A Perfect Pair Of Chinos And A Smart T-shirt

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