Essential Colors For Your Wardrobe This Summer

While patterns are a big part of this season’s fashion, statement colors are the biggest essential that you need to ensure feature heavily in your wardrobe during the summer months.

Often, when we talk about bringing color into fashion, we’re all about how to match one colored item with something patterned, or how to create vivid contrasts from colors that are polar opposites. 2013 is unique, as it is all about making the most of a look by using just one color at a time.

This might sound a little ‘left field,’ but by subtly changing the various tones and shades that are used, you can build a look that turns heads and leaves you feeling sassy and confident at all times.

What are the essential colors for summer 2013, and which garments should you be looking for?

Striking Hot Yellow

Yellow is often avoided in the summer for two reasons. First, bright sunlight is reflected, and it can cause you almost to blind anyone who sees you. Second, bees and wasps love it. On a positive note, however, it is a great color for keeping cool.

There will be no escaping yellow in the coming months, as retailers go all out for summer and statement colors become popular.

How will you wear it? 1950s, vintage inspired shirts and skirts are the best way to go, especially if you can accessorize them well with a brooch or belt. There is some scope for adding black, just to further the bumblebee look, with subtle polka dots or oversized collars good ideas.

Overall, the best approach to take is have your shirt and skirt be lighter shades of yellow, before finishing with beads, a necklace, and a bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company.

Bold Blues

It will be easy to dress yourself in blue this summer, as it is a very common shade that we regularly see anyway. The main difference is in the variety you’ll find, with ostentatious electric blue tailoring, for example, proving a big hit with those who want to turn heads in the office as well as on the street or in the club.

Navy and pastel blues will be equally popular, and will stick to modest styles and garments like kaftan dresses, oversized t-shirts, and tunic style over shirts. If modesty is your aim, go bold with the accessories once again, and keep it simple with your main outfit.

Khaki Not Camouflage

Military chic has been slowly but surely finding its way back onto the fashion radar in the last two years, but thankfully, you don’t need to turn to camouflage in order to embrace the trend. Those who love a pattern might choose to do so, but it isn’t something we’ll be actively encouraging.

Instead, look for the jackets and stylish trousers that will be available in khaki, not to mention the subtle accessories such as hairbands and earrings that can make all the difference to your look.

If you find a store that is decked out in camouflage, shop elsewhere!

Staples of Summer

These three colors will be huge in the coming months, from the all-out brightness of yellow to the safety of khaki, with the variety of blues in-between, this summer gives you every option to satisfy your tastes.

All you have to do is remember to leave the over the top prints well alone.

Aisha Malik is a fashion journalist who loves exploring how different styles and trends manifest themselves in a variety of ways. In her spare time, Aisha still involves herself in the industry, spending time online and at the shops to discover hidden gems that no one is wearing.

Essential Colors For Your Wardrobe This Summer

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