Diamond Colours – Elegant Shades of Love

Cognac, Champagne, Red, Pink… no I am not making my shopping list for wine or drinks for a party. I am listing the different colours you can choose when buying diamonds. Imagine that! Never knew diamond hunting could be so much fun. And when you are looking for certified diamonds, there are certain things you will need to know to make sure you are an educated buyer.


Cognac and Champagne diamonds are essentially brown. But how cool to have something different from everyone else! Red and Pink diamonds are not as common but I think they must be my favourite. 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle mines in Australia in the northern part of the continent. While the pink diamond may be more expensive than the clear diamond, you can get variations of pink that would not make much difference in value. A deeper pink diamond would be more expensive than a paler pink.

There are colour grades for diamonds. On the scale of colour used by GIA, the colourless diamond is D and goes through the alphabet to Z, which is a light yellow colour.

To buy or not to buy

Some financial planners and investors are saying how coloured diamonds are the best alternative to investments today. Returns on the gems far exceed what they were 15 years ago. Jewellers will say that you might be lucky to get a third back on your investment. Either way, diamonds are forever; they are beautiful to look at. Buying a diamond whether it is coloured or not, is difficult to gauge a return on the gem as the market price fluctuates and there is no historical data available. Buying it because you like something beautiful is priceless.

Five C’s

When considering diamonds there are five C’s to remember: cut, clarity, colour, carat and certificate. Jewellers use the first four C’s criteria when grading diamonds. The cut is important as it will determine the brilliance of the diamond. Clarity is where the inner flaws are noticeable or not so the less flaws the more brilliance of the diamond. Coloured diamonds are lovely but it is down to taste and preference of the buyer. Clear diamonds allow more sparkle but coloured diamonds are a fashion statement for some people and a preference for others. The carat weight of the diamond determines the price and it is also based on size. There are two possible certificates for a diamond. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the AGS (American Gemological Laboratory) certifications.

Certified Diamonds

There are two ways that diamonds are certified: GIA and AGS. GIA focuses on the brilliance of the diamond through the use of calibrated proportions. AGS focuses on the light performance of the diamond which measures the ability of the diamond to reflect and return light.

AGS certified diamonds tend to be more expensive in price than the GIA as they require more of the diamond to be cut so it costs more in producing the final polished diamond. GIA tend to be more accessible in price and for the casual observer and one to look for at locations for diamond engagement rings wholesale.

Natural or Processed

No, not talking about natural food or processed food. I am talking about natural colour diamonds and yes, you guessed it! The coloured diamonds that have been coloured through a process. So if you are really, really interested in getting a coloured diamond but cannot afford the price of the naturally coloured diamond as it is so expensive. Well, then there is an alternative – the processed colour diamond. Coloured diamonds are becoming increasingly popular especially the black diamond. The diamond is treated with a colour but it will be permanent. They just ask you not to put the diamond near excessive heat.


So before buying a diamond here are some tips to consider:

Decide on the colour
Observe the diamond and use the 5 C’s to help make a decision
Ask if the colour is processed or natural
Consider the certificate
Get an independent gemmologist to observe the diamond
Look for certified loose diamonds from Diamond Queensland

Decisions, decisions. I like all the colours but I think I am really looking forward to observing a pink diamond. It is so feminine and is so me.

  • Jenny Williams

    To buy or not to buy?
    Well, diamonds tends to hold their value.