Deflated And Downtrodden By The Lack Of Hair

The road to hair loss can deflate self confidence of any man. Many advantages are bestowed to the gentleman that has a full head of hair. Professionally and personally, the world changes for the man whose hair is consistently at the bottom of the shower drain. Hair loss speaks nothing of the moral character of the individual. Yet the balding are prejudged before being allowed to speak. The substance of a man is not indicated by the number of hair producing follicles he has left.

For those that choose to live with hair loss, two equally unappealing options exist. A person can choose to live with the ever retreating hair line. Every day he looks in the mirror reminds himself of a newscast about a forest fire. Despite the best efforts the situation is beyond our control. New simulations on television can accurately portray the retreating forest line. Each day new losses occur in the fire, on the screen, and in the mirror. The tide of bare forehead keeps rolling in as your hair goes out to sea . Never to be seen again, the rapid retreat of your hair line is only matched by the daily decrease in self confidence.

Shaving your head bald is an exercise deep in futility based on duality. The odd realization hits that every part of your body is getting more hair with the exception of your head. How did the blanket of back hair weave its way onto me? Odd medical experiments are formulated. A willingness to become the first buttock to hair transplant recipient is seriously entertained. Wig catalogs are consulted in the quest for a hairpiece. The idea of shaving twice a week to look like a fraction of your former self is discouraging.

The subtle social signals are the death blow to a once vibrant level of confidence. A physical recoil would at least alleviate doubt in the situation. A subtle look, a harmless nickname, or an observation that you always wear hats start to eat at your heart. Self doubt is worse than knowing. The level of work produced is better than the worker who has a full head of hair and gets the promotion. The date for the evening is fine with being treated to dinner but has an attitude that friends are best. Baldness rarely reveals if it is the lack of hair or ability and charm that let opportunities fall by the wayside.

The prevailing attitudes in society have changed over the years. Gray hair or a lack of hair was a sign of wisdom. The average lifespan over the centuries has increased greatly. Now going bald does not have that distinction as a great percentage of the populace lives into their old ages. In a now rapid interaction age, individuals are judged in mere moments. Visual appearance is the make or break characteristic to a great many people. A daunting hill to overcome is instant judgment. Self confidence wanes in this toxic environment of condemnation.

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Deflated And Downtrodden By The Lack Of Hair

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