Costliest Burberry Cologne For Men

For the three decades Burberry has been in the fashion industry, it has established itself as a reputable perfume maker.

Burberry has managed to introduce over 40 fragrances to the market, catering for both men and women. With their primary focus being on the manufacture and design of clothing, they have for the past decade focused more on ladies handbags and fragrances.

Burberry, just like other perfume creators, endeavors to create fragrances that cater for both high end and the low end markets. The price of fragrances will always be a key determinant of whether people buy a fragrance or not. However, with Burberry they still endeavor to create high end fragrances to cater for those who can afford it. Here, we shall focus on a few of the highly priced choice of fragrances from Burberry.

Burberry Sport

Introduced in 2010, Burberry sport is an extension of the company’s sports line. This men’s scent is originally created for the active young man who knows how to win and win gracefully. Created by well-known perfumers Antoine Maisondieu, Sonia Constant and Nathalie Gracia, this men’s fragrance is a woody, citrus fragrance.

This men’s scent combines the top notes of grapefruit, wheat grass and ginger with base notes of cedar, musk and amber to produce a rather enticing scent. The fragrance comes packed in classy bottles covered with rubber in quantities of 30, 50 and 70ml EDT. The fragrance is accompanied with aftershave lotion, aftershave balm and shower gel.

This men’s fragrance is ideal for the summer and spring seasons as well as sporting outings like going to the pool, working out, playing tennis or golf.

Burberry London for Men

Here, you have the sophistication at its best. It is a distinctive and refined fragrance introduced to the market in the year 2006. London for Men is one of the best fragrances by Burberry and truly defines what Burberry stands for. If you love the cold, rainy or overcast day then this is the ideal fragrance for you.

It opens with top notes of bergamot, cinnamon and lavender. It’s heart combines notes of port wine, leather notes and mimosa flower. The base combines a careful mixture of oak moss, tobacco leaf, guaiac wood and opopanax.

This men’s scent is a brilliant masterpiece for the trendsetter. Primarily a spicy fragrance, it is sure to keep you lively. This fragrance has a reasonable longevity and silage. It’s price versus quality rating can be given a 10/10. This men cologne can be found in bargains from and among other online stores.

This fragrance is an ideal choice for an evening night out as it has that nostalgic feeling and will sure keep the ladies’ heads rolling.

Burberry Classic

This is yet another men’s scent complementing the fashion style and image of Burberry. This fragrance was launched in 1996 and has over the years stood its ground as one of the best buys for the modern man. Reminiscent of other Burberry products, it is a clean fresh scent that harmoniously blends passion, tranquility, elegance and naturalness.

This scent combines notes of vanilla, musk, jasmine, cedar and sandalwood to produce a nice woody aromatic scent. Its fresh scent is sexy and will sure create some buzz wherever you go. Its quality is above average and also has above average longevity.

Burberry Classic is packed in a flask design bottle lined with the famous Burberry plaid. This is the scent for real classy men. With its elegance, it is an ideal scent for functions that need you smelling your best and feeling fantastic.

Burberry Touch

Burberry fragrances have always asserted themselves with their uniqueness, and this is not an exception. This fragrance will always leave people guessing. With its name in mind it brings out the sensual feelings with sophistication strongly reminiscent of the core values of Burberry.

Jean Pierre Bethouart magnificently combines notes of mandarin orange, Artemisia and violet leaf as top notes with middle notes of cedar, nutmeg and white pepper while the base notes are vetiver, white musk and tonka beans.

With fantastic transition between the notes, it translates into a fresh scent that is wearable for any occasion and fantastic for all seasons. It has a reasonable longevity and will surely leave you feeling invigorated, sophisticated and sensual all the time.

The fragrance comes packed in a unique glass bottle topped with a brown wood cap to emphasize the sophistication. It is available in 50 and 75ml.

The Beat by Burberry

Created by master perfumer Olivier Polge, this is another trendsetting British fragrance. With its intent being to bring out sensuality and energy that is intriguing. Introduced in 2008 the beat is inspired by music and the excitement that comes with it. This is a versatile and happy scent that suits every age.

As a woody and aromatic fragrance, it resonates with notes of citron and black pepper as top notes, middle notes of geranium and thyme while mixing base notes of vetiver and leather wood notes. The mixture of all these creates a juicy and fresh scent.

Overall the fragrance is of excellent quality and has longevity of about 24 hours from the time applied. It also has a fantastic transition between the rhythms that will always arouse the senses.
The fragrance comes packed in a nice bottle that hints at what might be inside. It’s packed in 50 and 100ml. This scent is fantastic for the summer or early spring outdoor events.

Burberry products have always had an edge when it comes to sophistication and class, and when they ventured into fragrances no one expected less. With many of the scents that they have produced, they have always kept their original signature. The company has produced some of the most remarkable fragrances. This article has mainly focused on the expensive cologne choices from the house of Burberry.

Allan Deane is a fragrance enthusiasts who has been keenly following the industry and its key players. He spends his free time travelling the world and sampling fragrances.

Costliest Burberry Cologne For Men

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