Buying Shoes This Fall: Things to Keep in Mind

Come fall, and fashion takes to new heights. With soaring high heels and platforms with a base that can put a plateau to shame, the footwear parade continues even in winter. Thigh-high boots keep you snug even if your skirt remains itsy-bitsy. Beware though, for what was a class last year, is a passé now. New seasons set a new trend. This fall, add some fresh new stock to your closet while you buy shoes online. By the way, have you heard about the pony-hair loafers making their stride?


Marilyn Monroe was probably thinking about buying a new pair for herself when she came up with the thought that – Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. The time today demands just a little tweak to her statement. It would now be more apt to say – Give a girl the right shoes for every season and she can conquer the world!

Nonetheless, with the kind of options available, one needs to be double sure about where to put the money. Investing in shoes for fall can be tricky for at times style may not fulfill requisites of the season. For examples, flip-flops, though fashionable are not something that one can wear in fall. Likewise, since fall is a bit less cold than winters, one can’t imagine walking in a pair of wool or fur crafted ankle length boots.


When it is a matter of money wise being wise, fall footwear needs to be purchased diligently. Moreover, you need to buy a pair that can be of equal utility in winters as well. That’s where the problem lies. How do you pick a pair that is equally suited to winter as to fall? Moreover, the latest trends in footwear fashion can further confuse you about what to pick and what to let go. To narrow down your search with brands can help in a big way.

1. CONVERSE: Sneakers are definitely a utility buy both for fall and for winters. You can’t go wrong with a pair of stylish and Converse sneakers to your rescue for the slightly chilly or very cold winters. Since the All Star Converse is riding high on the fashion curve, you can be more than sure that these contemporary pair of shoes will grab many eyeballs for you.

2. DR.MARTENS: Offbeat but never out of style, Dr. Martens shoes have a legacy that runs down from the time when being a rebel was in vogue. Meant for people who wear they style on their sleeves, and of course on their shoes, Dr. Martens’ shoes are one of the best bet for fall and winter season. The monochrome Dr.Martens shoes/boots in interesting hues are very chic and extremely popular too. The printed and stripped variety is a league apart.

3. VANS: A brand that is renowned for being a popular choice amongst people of all ages, irrespective of their gender, VANS also happens to be a brand that is a favorite of many despite seasonal variations. This is why owning a pair of VANS is a very smart more. The material of the VANS shoes and sneakers that VANS sells is a comfort wear for your feet throughout the year. Of course, you can add to the warmth by wearing nice and cute socks with the pair. Moreover, the pair is light on the feet.

Within the shoes and boots range, the above listed brands suffice. However, in case you are looking for sandals and wedges, your search moves on a wider level. Again, while you buy shoes online, make sure that you visit those online shoe stores that categorize products based on brands.