6 Top Tips To Ensure You Feel Sexy In Your Lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, women are definitely more critical than men are. To be fair, most men would just be grateful to get a look at their wife, girlfriend or any women, in their underwear. This means they don’t tend to dwell on the specifics of how something is fitted or what colour or material it is.

Women are much harder to please, especially when they are looking at how their own body looks in their underwear. It’s important to feel good when wearing items of clothing that show off so much of your body. Therefore here’s some advice and tips to help you on your way to feeling more confident and sexy.

1. Exercise

One of the best tips to help you feel sexy in your underwear is to have a workout beforehand. It doesn’t have to be right before you change into your undergarments but should be on the same day. Doing some exercise before changing into your underwear will make your muscles and body look a lot tighter and slimmer, which can’t help but make you feel sexier when exposing your body.

2. Back to black

If in any doubt, black should always be the go to option. Not only is black extremely flattering on the figure but it is, and always has been, considered sexy. Black is also a very flattering colour on any skin colour, so you can’t fail to look good. Wearing matching black underwear will, without a doubt, make you feel sexy and will definitely be a hit with your partner.

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3. Sexy and ‘all woman’ over girly and playful

Most women are drawn to cute underwear and soft pastel colours and whilst these can, and often are, very sensual, they are not truly sexy. If you are aiming to go all out and properly ‘sex up’ your underwear, the best you can do is find some red lace. You cannot get further from girly and playful and you’ll definitely feel all woman and extremely sexy!

4. Do you think it’s sexy?

When women choose their underwear, we often think about how comfortable it is going be. For instance is it too lacy, will it itch, will it be too hot? When choosing sexy lingerie, you need to add another question – do you think it is sexy? More often than not, if you feel sexy in something, you will act and feel more confident, as well as ooze sexiness, no matter what you’re wearing.

5. Wear something different but not too outlandish

When thinking about sexy underwear, you must remember you have got to feel comfortable in it. If you don’t feel comfortable, it will be obvious and won’t give across the sexy impression you were going for. Always try things on before buying them to test out their comfort factor and don’t ever go for anything too outlandish, unless it’s been tried and tested.

6. Don’t believe everything you read

To be sexy in your underwear you don’t have to have a push-up bra and minuscule knickers. Being sexy is all about how you feel and act when wearing your underwear. If you like and feel sexy in a push-up bra and tiny knickers then that’s great. However, if a push-up doesn’t do it for you, don’t be put off trying out other designs, such as a balconette bra for instance. These have pretty much the same effect as a push-up and can also look a lot more natural, so make sure you try out a range of different styles and only choose what’s best for you.

Gemma Sly writes for Freya Lingerie. When not writing about Freya sports bras, she can often be found trying to feel sexy–in any outfit.

6 Top Tips To Ensure You Feel Sexy In Your Lingerie

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