5 Summer Tips For Staying Cooler Inside And Out

Summertime provides plenty of outside recreational opportunities, but it can also quickly turn miserable when the temperature begins to soar. If you happen to live in those parts of the world with intense sun beating down on you much of the year, it can be intimidating at best. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can continue to enjoy summer without getting too overheated. By implementing a few easy techniques, you will have the ability to entertain guests outside without worrying about the oppressive heat of even the warmest days of the season.
1. Install an Awning – Putting an awning on your property is the perfect way to provide a shady area that will offer you and your guests a welcome respite from the sun. This method is especially popular in areas that have very harsh summers such as Australia. In fact, Australians tend to favor the SeaShell Awning style because it offers more versatility than a standard awning. At seashellawnings.com.au you can find many attractive designs to fit virtually any area of your property; for example, many people install these awnings over a pool deck. As an added bonus, awnings will also dramatically reduce the interior temperature of your home.

2. Choose a Home With a Pool – Taking a dip in a pool is one of the best ways to beat the heat. Even if you do not feel like going swimming, you can still sit on the edge of the pool and let your feet rest in the water. This will make it much easier to tolerate a hot day, and your pool will also provide a good way to exercise during the summer. Though an inground pool may be a bit of upkeep, the pleasure it will bring in return is monumental. Less expensive alternatives are above ground pools, hot tubs (without the heat turned on of course), and even wading pools – especially for kids and the pets!

3. Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fans – If you have an enclosed porch, you should definitely consider utilizing ceiling fans to keep the area cool. When you combine this with the shade that is provided by the porch, you will end up with the perfect place to entertain guests or unwind after a long work day. Ceiling fans in the bedroom and living room can make a world of difference in moving the air around and you can set your air conditioning on a lower temperature to get more value from distributing the cold air.

4. Cooling Towels – Cooling towels and other similar items can be used in a wide variety of ways, but you will get the most relief if you place one around the back of your neck. These towels are popular with people who work outside, and they make it easier to tolerate extremely hot days. It’s pretty amazing the difference they can make in bringing down your temperature if you have to be outside. Of course you will always want to wear a cap or floppy hat to shade your face as well – and don’t forget the sunscreen!

5. Energy Efficient Box Fans – There are many items that can be used to cool off the interior of your home, including central air conditioning. However, constantly running an air conditioner is very expensive, and this makes it difficult for many homeowners. As an alternative, place an energy-efficient box fan in every room. These fans have been created with the specific purpose of keeping your energy costs down, and they provide a nice blast of cool air when they are used on their highest setting. The cyclone styles are especially comforting since they circulate the most air and don’t require you to aim them directly at you to feel their cooling effects.

Blogger Molly Henshaw always looks for ways to things that save money, while making life more enjoyable. She suggests it should be easy for you to reduce the impact of a hot summer day by utilizing at least one cooling technique. However, for optimal results, it is best to combine several of them. For example, you could wear a cooling towel on your neck while you sit next to the pool that is protected by a Sea Shell Awning. Taking all of these steps is certain to keep you more comfortable, and it will also make your home much more functional for entertaining in the warmer weather.

5 Summer Tips For Staying Cooler Inside And Out

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