5 Essential Fashion Tips For 2013

The summer is upon us and it is time to start buying clothes for our new wardrobe; however we run into this same problem year after year, we don’t know what is in, and what is out this year. Well, don’t worry we have spent several hours researching trends for the summer of 2013, and we believe that this guide will give you a wide variety of clothing and styles to choose from.

Below you will find some of this years most popular trends, these fashion tips were researched by visiting some of the worlds most popular fashion and runway shows.

#1 – Lose Fitting Pants

Let’s face it ladies, the summer is hot and sweaty, and we want to be able to keep thing aired out, so this fashion trend doesn’t only look good but it helps keep us cool and helps keep the air flowing. Go to your local department store and buy yourself some nice lose fitting pants (full length or capris)  pair them with a vest or a nice tee and you will be set and ready to go.

#2 – Short Leather Skirt or Shorts

Rather it is 2013 or 1980’s leather never goes out of style. We recently reviewed several runway shows and short leather skirts and shorts were huge hits, in fact anything leather was shown to be really popular this year.

#3 – White Blazers

The Blazer has its moments where it goes in and out of style, however we have notice that this year the white blazer is a must have at all the fashion shows we have attended. Depending upon your style you can get a lose fitting blazer or a tight body fitted one, either way, pair it up with a nice pair of jeans and boots and you are ready for a night out on the town.

#4 Accessorize – Seriously Glasses

You can never go wrong with glasses ladies, they are always “in” – however depending upon the time of year, and certain ones may be more in style than others. Many of the popular styles seen at fashion shows this year are new style from top designers like Madonna, Channel, and Dolce & Gabbana.

#5 Watch This

Watches are not just for men ladies, a nice designer watch can really channel your inner design sense. Depending upon your watches style you can display your flashy hi-tech personality or settle for a more subtle elegance look with a watch from a top designer like Channel.

No matter how you chose your fashion this summer remember one thing, you are your own woman and however you pick it you will be beautiful. The above tips were taken from several hours of researching different popular fashion shows and venues over the past couple of weeks.

Also remember that you are what makes you and whatever you chose to wear, wear it and be proud in it, in the end you are what makes you beautiful.

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5 Essential Fashion Tips For 2013

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