4 Ways To Customise A Corset

I love corsets, who doesn’t? However they’re far from cheap, especially if you’re buying a high-quality, steel-boned version which can cost well into the hundreds. I have forked out for a luxury corset and I’m considering buying my second, but at these prices I like to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

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You can already wear a corset in one of two ways – as a lingerie garment or an outerwear one – but wouldn’t it be great if you could customise your corset (without making any permanent changes or damage of course!) and wearing it four, five or even six different ways?

For all the corset-lovers out there who’d like to get more options for their money, here are 4 ways to customise your corset…

1. Lacing

The 1 ‘removable’ part that all corsets have is lacing. On fashion corsets this is often made from satin ribbon but on corsets suitable for tight-lacing it needs to be strong so woven cord is often used. Ribbon and cord are both incredibly cheap to buy on eBay or at your local haberdashery, and are a great way to customise your corset each time you wear it.

Just imagine how different a black satin corset looks with black lacing and an all-black lingerie emsenble, to the same black corset worn with blue, pink, red or even yellow knickers and matching lacing up the back?

In fact, you could even thread a thin chain through your corset for a look that’s completely unique!

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2. Suspenders

Many corsets come with detachable suspenders (a few come with attached suspenders but it’s pretty rare, since it makes it more difficult to wear the corset as outerwear), so investing in some replacement suspenders is another way to change up your look.

Again, you can experiment with different colours or just find some more luxurious ones than those the corset came with, such as ruched satin or suspenders topped with crystals, bows and beads.

If your corset doesn’t have detachable suspenders, they’re actually pretty easy to make and all you need to do is sew elastic loops onto the lining of your corset to attach them to when you want to wear them.

3. Harness

Harnesses are super popular right now, both as lingerie and outerwear. Whether you prefer elastic harnesses like this one or leather ones like this one and this absolutely beautiful one by Hopeless Lingerie, they can be layered over corsets just as well as any other clothing.

Many corsets are strapless, and those with straps are usually bra-style shoulder straps, so a harness with a choker or halter strap creates a unique silhouette.

4. Belt

Corsets are designed to accentuate and narrow your waist, especially premium quality ones, so what better accessory than a waist belt which does exactly the same thing? It’s well known that adding a belt to the waist of your dress creates a more nipped-in waist, and the same is true when worn over a corset – it will make your reduced waistline look even tinier!

However, you shouldn’t wear a tight belt over a corset that’s tightly-laced because it could damage the boning, so unless you’re wearing a fashion corset with very flexible plastic bones it’s better to tie a wide silk or satin ribbon around the waist instead.


I hope you found these ideas useful. If you’d like to know more about corsetry, you can find out pretty much everything you want to in my Ultimate Guide to Corsets!

Have any more ideas on how to customise your corsetry? I’d love to hear them, let me know in the comments below.

Estelle Puleston is the founder of online handmade lingerie boutique Esty Lingerie. She’s also a lingerie designer and blogger with a particular passion for good corsetry!

4 Ways To Customise A Corset

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